Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome to the Cherry House Life

Hello my dear Cherry Blossom's,

  When we were looking to move I didn't really have any desires, just somewhere functional and safe to live. On a whim, we decided to drive out to the country to look at a house. I didn't expect much, I wasn't looking for anything spectacular but as we came around the bend and saw The Cherry House, I knew it was meant to be. It was like I had found a long lost friend. I've never felt this kind of pull from an object before. I couldn't imagine ever leaving. It was official, it was love at first site.

  This above is the first picture I ever saw of our home (The Cherry House) which was built in 1893. I have literally poured my blood, sweat and tears into this home trying to put my own personal touch into it without disturbing its history. It has rekindled the artist in me and has lent itself quite nicely to my creative ambitions. Here at The Cherry House Life, I will ask you to join me in my DIY adventures. I love to tackle a good project idea and am on a mission to do it as cheaply thrifty as possible. Long story short, I've found my dream house and am decorating it on a very tiny budget. I'm a thrift store lover and a lets-do-it-for-free diva!  This is my journey and I hope you will join me! Lets explore the positive, lets get our hands dirty, do a few DIY projects, and see if we can save a little money in the process.
 ~ Michelle :)

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