Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Cherry House Second Floor Tour

What a crazy week it has been at the Cherry House! We completed three DIY projects over the weekend, and have been busy as can be! I can't wait to share all our fun with you but first I must to introduce you to the second floor of our home. There are not as many pictures of the upstairs as the downstairs from when we moved in.  I think I was too excited to pause and take pictures. I did not know at the time I would start a blog, or have a want for 'before' pictures *sigh* but I still wanted to give you an idea of the layout of our home. As we take our journey, making the Cherry House OUR home, you will get a much better view of different areas of the home. For now, these pictures will have to do :)

We have a very wide hallways in the center of our home. They are about 4 foot wide which is awesome when moving furniture around :) The original stairs are even more beautiful in person. Shall we venture upstairs? Lets go!

At the top of the stairs is a lovely window that looks out into our back yard. The area is big enough to add a desk or reading nook. The opposite end of the hallway features a sizable area too. It is nice to be able to give your hallway more function than just a walkway.

                   Once again, sorry for the bad pictures, they will improve, I promise :)

I did not take a picture of the upstairs guest room when we moved in for some reason, but here is a image of the space. It has a large walkin closet not pictured and three windows.

This is the only picture I have of the master bedroom before we moved everything in. It is a HUGE room, we were worried we could not fill it! lol  The hardwood floors just gleam! There are his and her closets which I must say, has been a marriage :)

The master bathroom has rich dark wood floors, and a wonderful claw foot tub and stand up shower. This is one of the rooms we updated first because Hubby did not like the cherubs on the wallpaper. He said he couldn't shower with naked babies looking at

Here is our laundry/ guest bathroom upstairs. Not much to look at right now, but good things are to come! I love our washer and dryer set that came with the house. Our kitty has taken to the room and claimed it as her

It is very convenient to have a master bedroom on each floor. We feel we can still have privacy even when guest are here. It's nice to 'retreat' upstairs after a long day and forget about the dishes. bills. etc.

Well, here you have it folks, a quick tour of our home. Now we can start on the good stuff! Lets roll up our sleeves, break out some tools and make this house a home!! :)

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