Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homemade kitchen and bathroom solution

You don't need separate cleaning products to clean your kitchen and bathroom.   You can clean it all using this recipe and you will love the results. Save yourself a lot of money by making this homemade kitchen and bathroom bathroom cleaner :)

I use this and one other homemade cleaning solution to clean our whole home, I will post the 2nd recipe later this week. Stay tuned :)

10 ounces white vinegar ( don't worry, the smell goes away when dry)
10 ounces liquid , blue Dawn dish detergent
1 empty spray bottle (I re-purpose an empty one)

Heat vinegar in microwave or on stove top until warm, but not boiling. Pour hot vinegar into an empty spray bottle.
Add the Dawn soap. Put the lid on shake until mixed well. TA-DA! You now have a powerful cleaning mixture that will take care of soap scum and shower buildup, and any kitchen counter grime! Just spray it on, scrub,and rinse clean. Haven't cleaned your shower lately?? No worries, just spray the mixture on and leave it overnight to break down really tough problem areas, then just scrub and rinse clean in the morning.

This recipe fills one empty commercial cleaning spray bottle ( most are 22oz. )

STAY CLEAN TIP: If you have glass shower doors, keep them soap scum free by simply spraying them with WD-40 (apply to an old rag and lightly cover) after cleaning with your homemade cleaner. WD-40 will coat the glass and keep bath products from sticking to the surface.

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