Friday, June 15, 2012

The Cherry House First Floor Tour :)

Hello Cherry Blossom's, I hope your week as been a little less hectic than The weather and a few life events have prevented us from finishing our front porch for our first big blog reveal so I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to the Cherry House instead.

Our home was built in 1893 by a family who still resides in our town. It is a 2550 sq.ft. two story Victorian home with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths situated on 2.5 acres, the back acre being wooded, offering lots of privacy. The home features a sun room, mudd room and two master suites, one on each floor. A 2.5 car garage and storage shed are also featured. A small, one stop light town and friendly neighborhood take you back in time to days when life was a bit more simple.  There is a great sense of history, family pride and down home values that embrace you from the moment you enter town. These are just a few things that make living here so charming. We took a few pictures the day we moved into the Cherry House that I would like to share with you.

 The very first picture we took of the Cherry house was this one. Isn't she a beauty!

As you can see there is some beautiful handcrafted details that welcome you with open arms onto the front porch. The name the Cherry House comes from these details and a family by the last name of Cherry who lived here and loved the home enough to add this beautiful art work to the exterior.

Come on inside!
 The Downstairs Hallway

The original floors and staircase are a wonderful welcome into our home along with the vintage pendant light. Customized french doors and lots of light accent the stairway and make up the center of our home. Our living room and a downstairs master suite are on the right as you enter. Our kitchen with pantry, dining area, half bath and sun room are on the left. Upstairs there is another master suite with full bath, an additional bedroom, and a laundry room/ bath room. Today I will introduce you to the downstairs area. :)

Lets start with our Living Room and its beautiful bay windows.

 Original wood floors are featured in the living room and throughout the home. There is a large medallion in the center of the living room ceiling (unpictured). Had I known I was going to start a blog, I would of took better pictures, but, this is what we have for now. As we take on more projects, you will be able to see all the beautiful details the Cherry House has to offer.

The Downstairs Master  
Lots of blue and lots of potential The small bath actually has an original stained glass window (not pictured) which I replicated for our front door and will show you in a later blog post. :)
On the left front side of the stairs is the Sun Room, which was once an outdoor porch.

 Next up is our formal Dining Room, centered on the left side of the stairs.

Dining rooms were often the biggest and most used room back in the 'old days' as families often gathered there to eat home cooked meals and reminisce about their day before modern amenities like TV and video games came around. Family was most important, our goal is to enjoy many dinners in this room and get back to the basics as well. :)

Here is a good picture, taken from our kitchen doorway, showing how the hallway leads you to the other side of the stairway. The door on the far wall of the dining room leads out to the sun room. To the right, in this picture, is a half bath for dinner guest. 'Behind' us is the Kitchen and  the back door (Mudd Room) entrance to the home.

And now, a bad picture of the Half

One of my favorite rooms is our kitchen. The Cherry House kitchen has a lovely country feel. It needs some updating but has lots of potential and I just love the checker board flooring, don't you!

The doorway leads to the mudd room. I couldn't find a good picture of the pantry, but picture a closet with lots of The pantry is located behind us in these pictures.
Lastly, here is a picture of our Mudd Room.

Mudd Room's may not look like much but the are a  brilliant idea! I do not know how we ever lived without a mudd room, it definitely serves it purpose and helps keep the house clean! :) Through the door is a wonderfully spacious deck with a fenced in area for our puppy. We have a big back yard which is great for gardening, bonfires and lots of outside fun!

Whew, that's a lot of space!!  I am so excited to share our DIY adventures and our story of making The Cherry House a home with you! Today that completes the tour of the downstairs section of our home. I will post the upstairs and outside pictures for you in my next blog post.

Thanks for joining me today, I enjoyed being your tour guide :)

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