Monday, June 4, 2012

This week at The Cherry House: Homemade Cleaning Products

  I am very blessed that I am able to stay at home while my husband serves his country in the United States Navy. Though the military is notorious for low pay, it is a steady income we can depend on and we make it work. It is all about living within your means. I believe in thrift stores, coupons and stretching the dollar to its fullest extent. Cutting corners in the current economy is becoming a necessity for most of us. Whether you are naturally cheap  frugal or just trying to save a few bucks, making your own cleaning products at home is a very cost effective.

  Each day this week I will post a  post a tried and true, homemade, cleaning product that we actually use in our home. I find making homemade cleaning products drastically reduces our out of pocket expenses. I feel a sense of pride knowing I am doing what I can to save us bunches of money while providing quality products for our family, and you can to!
 Your 1st look into our home is coming next week! I figure the best way to introduce you to The Cherry House is by welcoming you onto our newly revamped front porch. I hope you enjoy these money saving recipes in the mean time. :)


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