Friday, July 6, 2012

Snow in July? Yes, please! :)

I hope all my dear Cherry blossom's had a wonderful 4th of July! We love celebrating our nations Independence and all the freedoms we enjoy as American citizens. This year, the extreme heat has limited some of the celebrations and summertime fun we all enjoy. Record breaking temperatures around the country have left us all running for air conditioned rooms and a pitcher of sweet iced tea. I find myself day dreaming of snow and blizzard like conditions while wearing a bikini and eating a big snow I remember our first winter here at the Cherry House. We had a freak snow storm that brought 9 inches of snow in one day, a very rare occurrence for Virginia!  We  took some beautiful pictures of the Cherry house that day. I hope sharing them you, during this extreme heat, will bring you some happiness, and evoke some day dreaming of your own! :)

Being transplants to the south, we had endured many snowstorm's before, but were totally unprepared for winter weather here. So what is one to do with no snow shovel and roads closed? Well, you break out the snow boots and go We had a blast making snowmen and frolicking in the snow. Unfortunately our pup wasn't as eager to play as we were but he seemed to enjoy just chilling out on the back deck.

The birds wouldn't even come out and play with us, I bet they are regretting that choice today with heat index's near 110 degrees!

And our cat, well..I think she just missed teasing the birds! lol

 We did make one bad ass snowman, this is Joe Cool
Joe says smoking is bad for you kiddo's!

Now everyone sing along ;)

♫  OH ...The weather outside is frightful..... and the air conditioning is so delightful...... and since its hotter than,well, you know....... lets all dream of snow, and snow, and more SNOW!!! ♫

Aren't snow pictures wonderful in the summertime? :)

 All jokes aside, remember the heat can be just as harmful to you as the cold. Heat stroke is a serious condition that can be fatal. Stay hydrated and out of the heat as much as possible. Remember to check on your neighbors and friends, especially those who may not have air conditioning. Keep cool my friends and stay tuned for our next DIY project coming next week!

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